Laser Lipo and You

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Lipo Laser works by penetrating the first few millimetres beneath the skin. This is where stubborn fat cells usually lie. The laser temporarily disrupts these fat cells so they can be 'drained'.


Though some clients begin to notice results after only a few sessions, most require 6–8 treatments to see maximum results.


Do some sort of activity to burn 500 calories or more, the day of the treatments – to help burn some of the extra fat released as energy in the body. – ideally, do this every day for the 3 weeks.


Nonsurgical liposuction generally has less-to-no recovery time as surgical liposuction but it isn't effective on large areas of fat. Its use should be limited to small, stubborn areas that remain after an adequate diet and exercise program or to patients who cannot undergo surgery.

Our laser treatments can tighten your skin. This is one of the greatest benefits of laser lipo treatment options. During the treatment session, the heat and red light therapy from the laser helps tighten your skin