HIFU or otherwise called "High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound" is a skin tightening procedure that goes below the layers of skin and dermis to tighten the skin using high intensity ultrasound waves. This procedure has become very popular in recent years across the beauty industry for its excellent results without the invasiveness of plastic surgery. 

Some people refer to it as "The lunchtime facelift". We think that might be slightly far fetched here at GLAMORE Beauty Bar and Skin Clinic, so we would rather call it the lunchtime faceup. 

This procedure is very beneficial to reengage the body's' production of collagen and elastin and also blast away fat (especially any neck or double chin you may feel you have), with little discomfort. As with any surgical or non surgical procedure there is information that should be provided to the client prior to appointment by way of consult and client history forms that are required to be filled out and given to technician for evaluation.

HIFU in Brampton has gained popularity for not only its results but also its affordability as a non invasive non surgical skin tightening procedure compared to plastic surgery. 

There is little to no downtime, (some clients may have some redness for a short time and perhaps a little soreness comparable to slight muscle soreness after chewing gum for too long) hence its nickname "The lunchtime facelift."

HIFU should be done no more frequently than 2-4 times per year per treated area or damage to underlying tissue may develop. It is important not to "Salon Hop" with this procedure. More is NOT BETTER. 

With HIFU, less is more. 

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